A Company Culture like the Tree House Masters

treehouse-masters-drlSometimes you come across every day, ordinary occurrences, that you stop and grab your Evernote (or pen and paper if you’re old school) and say “That will make a great blog post!”

It just so happened that I did this very thing over the weekend. I’ve probably been watching way too much TV for the summer and beautiful weather and should be outdoors but I can’t seem to get enough of Reality TV. I know, I’m wrong for that!

After watching one of my new favorites “The Treehouse Masters” on Animal Planet, I realized that I had to write about my perspective of what appears (notice I say appear because, hey – it is still television) to be a great company culture with Pete Nelson and his organization.

Here are my takeaways:

  • He thinks his crew (team) is awesome – every time you watch the show you hear him talk of how he thinks his crew is the best at what they do and takes time to recognize them and their talents.
  • He recognizes their strengths and understands that each man plays a part in the whole. He knows that it takes more than one person to get the job done and allows them creative input. (THIS CAUSES THEM TO BE MORE CREATIVE AS THEY GO. Everyone loves to be noticed and trusted).
  • He’s a mentor – not a dictator. He takes people in under his wing and step by step mentors them with the knowledge that he’s gained throughout his career. He shares both the triumphs and the mistakes.
  • He’s so passionate and that is contagious. His passion in his field and in this niche industry is so refreshing to see. He’s like a little kid at Christmas when he sees everything coming together.
  • He loves his job. He mentions almost always that coming to work is not really like “work” because it’s something he loves to do.
  • He gives back. I recently watched an episode where they donated a treehouse to someone who could not afford it. Someone who had won a contest and he and his team were quoted saying “This is the way to build a treehouse” realizing that giving to someone who couldn’t afford it made it all the more sweeter.
  • He’s open to doing things differently. He often dives into the unknown and uncharted waters with ideas that come from either the Treehouse Owner who has hired him or his own ideas. He’s not afraid to take risks.

All in all, I challenge you to watch this show and see how he and his team operate. Of course we don’t see all the behind the scenes, but you’ll come away refreshed from watching someone so excited and passionate about what they do that it’ll make you stop and wonder, “Am I doing what I’m passionate about?”

And, you’ll want a Treehouse.


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