While I was blogging, LIFE HAPPENED

busyIt’s been some time now since I last sent out a post. I’ve been digging up previous posts just to try to keep up and not run out on you guys completely!

For the past several years I was at it hard and heavy. Blogging 4 to 5 times a week, researching online to keep up to date on things, attending conferences like mad and running my business. All of the sudden I had to at some point prioritize because it seemed like my personal life was falling apart.

I found myself smack dab in the middle of dealing with one close family member who has bipolar disorder and goes off the deep end way too often while the other close family member in my life was homeless and living on the street due to addiction and alcohol abuse. Every day seemed to have its share of drama and crisis. It’s a miracle I’m not sitting in a loony bin myself from all the stress.

Life is hard. Life is messy and things can easily get all outta whack in a Minnesota minute and we can find ourselves trying to juggle way too many things. This can cause us to lose our minds if we don’t realize what’s most important and lay a few things aside.

It was excruciatingly hard to lay my ideas, hard work and time gained aside to feel like I would never gain back traction in the area of my business, blog, social networking etc. But most everything has a price. And being there for my family is worth it. It will always be.

In the end I have lost some traction in the area of my online brand but I can quickly work on that. And I wouldn’t trade any of the time off for anything because I can say I gave it my all to help those dearest to me, when I really wanted to walk away and give em a big “F” YOU!

I often sit in silence with my thoughts asking myself if I would go through all their crap again and always come back with a “yeah!” To think that we can be the very one who helps saving those within our realm of influence could go to ones head. We must always remember “But for the grace of God, go I.”

I won’t make any promises of how often I’ll blog, how many conferences I’ll attend (if any), if I’ll talk to you on Twitter – but I can tell you I’ll keep fighting for the lives of those dearest to me. And that’s what matters now.




4 thoughts on “While I was blogging, LIFE HAPPENED

  1. Susan, if shit didn’t happen then it wouldn’t be called life, right? You made the right choice, family first…all else second. Like Jenny said, your online community will be here when get back! 😉

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